Feedback from the Panel

One of the main points that has come across throughout the whole of the report is the
respect that the staff hold for the management of the company, especially the managing
director, but this also is shown by the report comes from the management to their staff. The
communication within the company both formal and informal is exemplary and helps I feel as a
basis for this company to move forward as all staff are informed and consulted and feel
part of the decision making process. The report also shows that this is a true learning
organisation and understands that even in a recession you need to invest into your staff. It is
very apparent that training and development of their staff is central to the core of this

Strengths and Areas of Good Practice

People who were interviewed had enormous pride working for B W May & Son Ltd.
People were proud of the good reputation that the company had established in the
local area and were keen that this reputation continued. Such dedication from the
Managing Director to secure the future of the staff and the business didn’t go
unnoticed by people. People described how the Managing Director would be in 
the yard at the beginning of the day, get around sites and the last to leave at night.
Sometimes, a Managing Director undertaking long hours can lead to presenteeism
but this did not appear to be the case at B W May & Son Ltd. People did work after
hours on occasions to get a job done when they needed but no one considered there
to be a presenteeism culture. Many people gave examples where the Managing
Director urged them to go home. Having a workforce that shows such pride and
commitment to an organisation has a tremendous positive impact on customers as it
shines through in staff’s attitude on site and also in the quality of their work (Indicator

The teamwork and the camaraderie amongst colleagues was considered a key
strength by people who were interviewed. Many people had worked for B W May &
Son for a number of years creating a friendly atmosphere at work as well as a
supportive network when people were not having the best of times. People described
how colleagues pooled knowledge and were proactive in dealing with problems
(Indicator 8)

People considered that the Managing Director, managers and supervisors created an
environment where people were trusted to get on with the job. People were clear on
the work that needed undertaking and described how they were trusted to speak to
architects and clients on site. People also described how managers including the
Managing Director had all worked on the tools and had an understanding of the
issues encountered, whilst also allocating enough time on projects for people to
deliver high quality work. The leadership behaviors demonstrated by managers play
a key part in staff role modeling those positive behaviors which in turn have a
positive impact on achieving customer expectations (Indicator 5

 B W May & Son Ltd had developed a comprehensive business plan and strategy to
move the organisation forward and had targeted 4 keys areas to drive business
improvement as well as enhance the organisation’s marketing position against its
competitors – Considerate Constructor, CHAS, Investors in People and the ISO
standards 9001 and 14000. The implementation of new procedures over the past
year was considered by managers to have significantly increased productivity and
demonstrated how the organisation was investing in the future and be ready for the
upturn. People considered that in the past year, the organisation had showed a
strong commitment to continuous improvement.  


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